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Hi everyone,

It's been some time since I updated the website. I have had a few health issues this last 9 months that have given me other priorities. All is ok now I am pleased to say.

It didn't stop me painting and sales have gone extremely well over the last year. I have spent many happy hours at workshops and demos this winter and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. One recurring feature I find is that students think you can paint with any old brushes and any old paper and indeed you can. However, using the right materials will vastly improve the end result - trust me!

I missed painting with Joseph Zbukvic in New England last July as I was in the London Bridge hospital instead – as I said – different priorities! I did however get to Florida for 3 weeks before then and I did a series of paintings on Sanibel Island, which was great fun. Sanibel Brochure - please click to viewI attach a pdf document of the brochure and if anyone would like a print, let me know. We have a series of 20 different prints always on view at Kentish frames in Bearsted. These are of my most popular paintings and in their first year they have gone well.

The Pilgrims Way Artists Exhibition starts on 15 May with a private view at 06.30pm. Do come along and mention my name. The drinks are free this year and I will have about 30 new paintings there. It is usually an excellent evening. I will be doing a watercolour demonstration at 06.30pm on 21 May – again do come along. The more the merrier! Following on from there I will have a show for 2 weeks at Kentish Frames in Bearsted and I have yet more new paintings to show there. The private view is on Wednesday 28 May from 6.00pm . Do come along and have a drink with us.

I will be at Dedham Hall with Alvaro from 31 May. I pick him up from the airport and look after him for the week, which is hard work, but a great privilege. He is extremely famous now as one of the leading watercolour painters in the world and a real genius with the brushes. Watch his DVD’s, it will blow your mind and teach you a few things. In September I am going to Ravenscar to Paint with my old friends Steve Hall and Don Glynn, followed by a week with David Taylor, the rugged Aussie, who is also a genius. There are some fabulous people in the painting world. Remember however that we are all on a journey, some are just further on than the rest of us.

If you want me to run a workshop for you, or do a demo for your art group, get in touch. Above all keep painting!

Kind regards


Misty Day Bearsted
Time to go, Pin Mill
Snowed in at Boxley
Leeds Castle in the Snow
Stepping Out
Kentish Oasts
Tuscan Glory
Snow near Leeds Castle
London Vista
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